Thursday, 8 November 2018


So where has Dolly Dolly been?

Has he been laying dormant like herpes on your Nan’s top lip? 


He’s been busy as ever! 

We present ‘WARDROBE’ a digital only release for you to enjoy. Good eh!

Over the passed 5 years, Dolly Dolly (AKA David Yates), has worked with some of the most exciting musicians and artists in the world. Whether it be collaborating or guesting on others albums, he certainly hasn’t been resting on his laurels and in an effort to remind people he’s still alive: here is an album of rare and exclusive tracks. Oh yes!

Artists involved include:

Time Attendant
Daniel ‘Ship Canal’ Baker
I, Monster 
Gloria Gloucestershire (AKA Ekoplekz)
Jonny Brown (Band of Holy Joy)
Robin the Fog
My Demon Sister

Dolly on compo shock!

Ooo crumbs I'm on this new comp from Buried Treasure records. It's great!

New poem published in the BOOK OF THE SEA

HELLO! I'm in this!

You can order your copy here